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The Bitcoin Desk

฿0,1000 0.10000 BTC

Do you understand what cryptocurrency means ?
You must get the unique bitcoin desk design

With every Bitcoin Desk, you rceive an NFT proving the authenticity and your ownership of the furniture.


The perfect desk for bitcoin lovers

Simple, convenient, design





Unique design

The first bitcoin legs ever




Comfortable and compact

To optimize your space and focus on your work





Easy to assemble and easy to store

No screws, no Allen key, simple design






With ergonomic and smart features

The smart hook for your bag or headphone

So practical...

Made with an ergonomic shape, the natural wood soft touch will make you feel good

A small notch that adds a great comfort of use

Foot ergonomic tablet to rest your legs

To trade for hours...

Flat pack

Very thin, the bitcoin desk isless than 8cm thick when flat

Easy to use, easy to store

And frankly even flat the bitcoin desk remains stylish !

Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 113 × 88 × 75 cm

Birch Plywood


Durable PU Varnish