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The Bitcoin

Buy your original Bitcoin Desk
with cryptocurrency

and get an NFT proving the authenticity and your ownership of the furniture.

฿0,1000 0.10000 BTC

Join the Bitcoin Desk owners community

The first 100 % blockchain based furniture !

Because you know the power of blockchain


Each desk is sold exclusively in cryptocurrency, you can check anytime without bank, the transaction happened.


You can prove anytime you are the owner of the desk thanks to an NFT, you can then sell your desk as an NFT.


Desks are made by professional members of our decentralized makers network able to provide a high quality standard

The perfect desk for bitcoin lovers

Simple, convenient, design

Unique design


The first bitcoin legs ever

and compact

To optimize your space

and focus on your work

Easy to assemble
and easy to store


No screws, no Allen key,
simple design

With ergonomic
and smart features

So practical...

The smart hook for your bag
or headphone

Made with an ergonomic shape,
the natural wood soft touch will make you feel good

A small notch that adds a great comfort of use
To trade for hours...

Foot ergonomic tablet
to rest your legs

Very thin, the bitcoin desk isless than 8cm thick when flat

Flat pack


Easy to use, easy to store

And frankly even flat the bitcoin desk remains stylish !

Use your cryptocurrencies to
buy your Bitcoin Desk !

The Bitcoin Desk

฿0,1000 0.10000 BTC

Do you understand what cryptocurrency means ?
You must get the unique bitcoin desk design

With every Bitcoin Desk, you rceive an NFT proving the authenticity and your ownership of the furniture.

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Current available countries : France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Austria.

This desk is a symbol, more than the desk, which is by the way very well made, it’s a clear demonstration of what new kind of economy shifts the blockchain technologies will unlock.

Mathieu P

Do you want to contribute and
join The Bitcoin Desk makers team ?

We are looking for professionnal makers to join the network and reach a global production capability.

Do you own a professional production unit with CNC machining ?

sAbout us

We are the DeFab DAO, a worldwide team of blockchain enthousiasts and furniture makers, our first maker network is based in France, and able to ship all over EU. We are looking forward to progressively fully decentralize the desk production. If you are interested, feel free to contact us !


Why The Bitcoin Desk ?


We created this project for 3 reasons :

  • Time is now, the blockchain has become mainstream. We believe in this technology and its power to transform the economy
  • This project demonstrates that the blockchain ecosystem can create real value and DeFi allows a new kind of funding and scaling projects, and NFT a new kind of IP relationships.
  • We pursue a mission : bring the world high quality desks designed to be futureproof.

Do tou want to chat with us ?

Send us an e-mail !