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Is a secret NFT that hold

  • the DXF files
  • the right to produce the Bitcoin Desk
  • the access to DeFab production platform
  • the capability to prove that you are selling original Bitcoin Desks.

Then you can Just hold the Ownership as any NFT, or make ptofit by joing the DeFab dao and delegate your NFT exploitation.

The Bitcoin Desk

(DeFab DAO)

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🖤 66

How does it works ?

Once you bought the NFT you can choose to join the DeFab DAO. You can also just hold or trade the NFT as any NFT.

DeFab DAO is a decentralized organization that can handle the BitCoin Desk production for you and give you back 10% of each sales in your NFT unlocked zone (i.e. # 350 $).

By joining the DAO, you can paricipate to the governance, propose actions to developp the project and vote. Each token holder has 1 vote (1 wallet=1vote).

All the makers network, the sales, Production management is made by the DeFab PROD. It’s a label givent to a sub-contractor company nominated by DeFab DAO. During 3 years he will be able to produce and deliver Bitcoin Desk in the geographical areas covered by the DeFab DAO NFT owners zone.

ℹ️ The Bitcoin Desk is curently available only in France, Belgium, Luxembourg.

Unlock a zone
Buy an production NFT

The availability of Bitcoin Desk depends on production NFT ownership. Once a production NFT for a particular zone is sold, the sales capbilities are then unlocked for the zone. Learn more about Bitcoin Desk NFT...

The map shows the zones already unlocked.

You whant to unlock a zone ?

The bitcoin desk is available on NFT platforms

Keep me informed of emission

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