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Why The Bitcoin Desk ?

We created this project for 3 reasons :

  • Time is now, the blockchain become mainstream. We believe in this technology and its power to transform the economy
  • This project demonstrate that the blockchain ecosystem can create real value, that DeFi allows new king of funding and scaling projects, and the NFTs new kind of IP paradigm.
  • To pursue our mission : bring the world a hight quality desks designed to be futureproof.


How it works ?

Like any online store :

you order a Bitcoin Desk,

you get a Bitcoin Desk

exept you pay with Crypto-Curency !

About us

We are a world wide team of blockchain enthousiast, with among us the french team of OpenWood, a maker network based in France.

The goal of the project is to show blockchain maturity. We use and combine existing production mature projects like Rarible, Ternoa, Aragon, Coinbase, Hyperledger, and others. 


DeFab (for Fecentralized Fabrication) is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) managing the global project and the financial flow orchestration. We also invest in a platform developpement that can be used by any NFT owners to make, create and share value with makers allover the world. The governance involve these owners as stakeholders in the strategical choices and operations management.

Our DAO implementation is just one way to sell The Bitcoin Desk. As the project is fully decentralized, any NFT token owner can decide to hold his right to produce, or create its own promotion, selling, production and delivery platform managed or not by a DAO.


Do you want to contribute and
join The Bitcoin Desk makers team ?

We are looking for professionnal makers to join the network and reach a global production capability.

Do you own a professional production unit with CNC machining ?

ℹ️ The Bitcoin Desk is curently available only in France, Belgium, Luxembourg.

Unlock a zone
Buy an production NFT

The availability of Bitcoin Desk depends on production NFT ownership. Once a production NFT for a particular zone is sold, the sales capbilities are then unlocked for the zone. Learn more about Bitcoin Desk NFT...

The map shows the zones already unlocked.

You whant to unlock a zone ?

The bitcoin desk is available on NFT platforms

Keep me informed of emission

Next NFT emission